The Black Hole

When moving or traveling over long distances there is always what I call the “Black Hole Effect.”  It’s the few hours or days when you’ve unplugged all of your technology to leave one location, but have not yet set it up on the other side.  When I was going to college (more than 10 years ago but don’t tell anyone!) the Black Hole could last up to a week before I got a phone line through the school and went to the computer lab to log in to email.  These days, in the era of cell phones, computers and iPads that hold charge for a long time, the Black Hole Effect has lessened.  For this particular move it was barely a day that I was without connection – I traveled with a fully-charged internet-capable computer and phone, and set the TV up (with rabbit ears… yes those still exist) the next morning to watch while I unpacked.

But though the media tether has ceased to disconnect, the Black Hole still exists in other ways.  Notably, that I’ve had nothing to say back to the world.  Recent life has been full of all the things that come with a new home – painting, cleaning, breaking down boxes, finding homes for things, deciding those are not the right homes, moving things, moving on, letting go, filing the change of address forms.  Busy – sometimes overwhelmingly so – but not busy with any real content.  A Black Hole of subject, perhaps.  But as the new month turns and another garbage day comes and goes, it’s getting better.  Friends are showing up, plans are getting made, and when the snow melts there will be more adventures.  Hang in there.  It’s coming.


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