Morning in the Park

Over the weekend I had an early morning meeting and decided to ride my bike there.   Riding my bike in the early morning on a Saturday is a singular experience.  The air was damp and it wasn’t yet hot out.  There was no one on the roads so I could dodge and weave and fly down the hills.  I hit the bike trail going very fast and grinning.

Just after the police station, near the tennis courts, I came upon a short man in a puffy brown coat walking along with a black-haired woman in a maroon coat.  As I raced closer I watched him pull his hand out of his pocket clutching a bag, and tuck the bag into the woman’s coat.


I was approaching so fast they didn’t hear me or look up until I was right on them.  I made eye contact with the guy for a split second.  He called out “Nice Mornin'” as I whooshed past, and I never looked back.

Damn, I thought.  I left my costume behind.

Superhero fail.